In this episode Danielle and Brandon talk about entrepreneurship. They discuss if you can learn to be an entrepreneur or if you have to be born with the entrepreneurship “gene”.

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welcome back to the on business podcast with tons of experience in different
Industries in Canada and the United States Danielle and Brandon give you real talk no-nonsense expert advice
about running and owning successful companies here’s your host Danielle Jenkins and Brandon White
my back’s killing me I’ve moved a chair this week that I shouldn’t have moved and I did and I lifted it right here because
we had uh in studio guest this week I’ve started to
open up as long as they’ve taken coveted tests you know our these podcasts are
actually getting tagged in Spotify if we talk about the c word
oh like in tagged in a good way or a bad way well I don’t know there’s warnings on
our on on our shows that when you and I talk about covid because it must listen
and transcribe it and it says has warning I don’t think we’re saying anything fake so it doesn’t matter but
yeah they do it on any of the podcasts now I I was looking they’re probably
trying to make sure saying bad things about fake news yeah
bad things anyway I lifted this chair and I should have wheeled it and you ever lifted something or done something
and you know you’re going to pull a muscle but you’re you just say to yourself I’m gonna muscle through this
and get it done and I did that and then I couldn’t even breathe because of back
muscle but uh I started driving with Manny in your lap
yes the other day yes that was yesterday um he is still very much attached to me
and uh so we’re trying to keep them in the seat so Benny’s an angel he sits on
the floor he does his he think he does his thing he sleeps he’s an angel Manny
is still like Mommy Mommy so I put him in the passenger seat not good enough I put him on the ground with Benny not
good enough so then he wants to come over and he he just sits and just looks out the window
in your car that’s what I was gonna say shouldn’t they be in kennels in your car because you know what happens if you get an
accident they go through the windshield so usually we actually have a dog
hammock for a car so it goes in the back seat and it goes from the front to the
back and it covers the door so nothing gets ruined they hang out back there they’re
completely safe they can’t fly off of things of their toys are back there their blankies are back there but we’re
just gonna get to the front couldn’t they no because it like goes
across the seeds so unless you’re gonna fit through like the six inches and go over
um but no so they’re very safe back there but we were just going on a quick 10 minute drive so Benny loves hopping
into the front seat and Manny is just a baby so I have to deal with that for a
few more weeks I think wow what else is happening it sounds
like you said we were talking earlier before we started recording that you have a lot of pollen in Canada right now yeah allergy season is really bad up
here right now everything is covered in pollen um I may sound nasally because I am
because the pollen in my my face and we produce that out
we could use it out no no no people need to know it’s a real thing
yes I do suffer from allergies um yes it is it’s very pollony up here
um and I do suffer from it quite bad but I will not take drugs um I am okay I will battle through the
headache um just like I did when I cut out caffeine I will get through it I
think he should do I think he should do that your candling we were talking about it totally changed it for me and I I
don’t know if it’s controversial or there’s people out there who say you shouldn’t you need wax in your ears here’s all I know is when I do that and
there’s pollen and I’m stuffed up for a week two or three and I do it and I look
at the stuff that came out it sure looks like the same yellow crap that’s on the car and I think it just sits in your ear
canal which is connected to your nasal passages and it just consistently bothers you and
after I do that I mean it’s not it is night and day it’s not fake it’s
going from feeling stuffy to both my nostrils are
open and it obviously if you keep having pollen it’s going to keep coming but I
highly recommend it but you definitely need to have someone watching you when that thing’s on fire and you definitely
need to put a big plate next to your head so that your hair and your face doesn’t catch on fire and mean I don’t
know if I would do that myself I would probably go to someone that can no you can’t do it yourself
okay well Sergo could do it you know you just you create the thing and then he
just watches it and then that’s how I do it and I sit on the couch from it just takes like so you don’t go to like a
clinic to go and do it no I go buy these things from the Whole
Foods equivalent here which is called New Leaf or I order them online and then
event night that does it and then I just hold it and then she watches it and then she’d take yeah you cannot you really
don’t want to do it yourself I mean you probably will get someone to do it I don’t know did they do that at the nail salon or the hair salon maybe they do no
but I have like I know lots of people like naturopaths and like wholeness coaches or um lifestyle people and stuff
so I’m assuming that they would probably do something like that in their Clinic Maybe
yeah check it out I don’t know that sounds expensive but you know me and I’m always trying to I mean I make my own
mouth guards for sleeping I I’ll tell you what if I could give one the candle
thing for the ear I wasn’t a Believer I did it Yvette suggested and it worked the other thing I would tell people as
it relates to health not that we’re talking about health today but I guess we sort of are considering we’re gonna what are we going to talk about if
entrepreneurs are born or built but is get yourself especially business
owners and entrepreneurs is get yourself a mouth guard to wear at night because
you will grind your teeth and your teeth will turn brown
so I can add to that I actually um not because I knew that they were going to turn brown
um that’s something that I’ve never heard but I have um I actually have a Invisalign that I
sleep with at night time because I do grind my teeth and I also have a condition called TMJ so I have to get
BOTOX in my jaw because I have overactive masseter muscles so basically on top of the stress of being an
entrepreneur business owner and with my TMJ condition I’m constantly grinding my
teeth so the reason I have my Invisalign is to keep my teeth straight so I don’t like turn Them Crooked or wake up with
insane draw pain well the reason they turn brown
when you said that because I’m sure listeners are going to say Brandon they don’t turn brown it’s not coffee the
enamel gets taken off of your teeth and then you see what is underneath your tooth which then
the brown is coming through so a lot of people do have coffee stains or tea stains or things like that but a lot of
it is from grinding your teeth at night and my doctor suggested that years ago and my teeth
aren’t white white white I mean I try to keep them as white as possible but they’re
not brown and the reason is is that so if you have an Invisalign or I ordered
this mouth guard online that’s the dentist was going to charge 500 or 600
dollars so I went online and they send you the kit you take the mouth imprint yourself it’s just like I don’t know if
you if you played Sports when we used to have the mouth guard you put in hot water you put in your mouth you imprint
Internet calls and it does it so it sort of like that but it’s a professional one so you take your imprint you send it
away and it’s a fifth of the cost and it still works fine it works totally fine but
yeah so between your what year candling and mouth guards I think that’s good
advice for anybody at any age especially if I could go back I’d be wearing a
mouth guard certainly in my early 20s um
but you know at any age at least catch it and it will eliminate because having
I don’t know about you but one of the things I look at when I see people first things teeth
and shoes not because I’m looking for some
which we were talking about earlier high-end shoes I’m just looking to see what is the not the brand but what is
the style so are you are you wearing Chucks are you wearing Vans are you wearing high
heels are you wearing flats are you wearing semi um heel
yeah what are you wearing right now remember my teeth is a I’m barefoot
you’re barefoot yeah that says that says it all
totally kidding oh that’s so funny I’m wearing um yeah I’m completely
I’m wearing my Steve Madden mules right now Steve Madden yeah Steve Madden are they
still a thing that was in The Wolf of Wall Street are they still in style um I think they’re just kind of like an
average shoe these days to be honest I don’t know if they’re like a high-end shoe they’re just so comfy to wear
around the house how much are they uh these ones were like ninety dollars how much is a steam
oh so that’s reasonable uh the I wouldn’t know that that was a Steve Madden shoe or not I would just be
looking at the style to make an assessment very quickly to
say oh well those are sort of fancy versus wearing Crocs is a different feel or flip-flops
right which I just probably you’re not gonna wear flip-flops
are they high-end flip-flops or do you wear no do or do you wear Reef or
no they’re just like regular like black um leather like flip-flops that I just
wear like if I am like taking out the garbage or going to the pool see that
would say something leather flip-flops so I would just say wow she wears leather flip-flops
yeah I think flip-flops are made for like the beach or the pool not to wear
out shopping well you haven’t visited visited
Northern California yet I have not and actually it’s funny you say this and I know we’re we’re kind of getting off of
topic but um A girlfriend of mine from London England who dresses very much like me
you know professionally um doesn’t really wear a lot of like athletic wear out
um she actually is in La this week and she put on her Instagram story she was
wearing um like um like crop yoga pants and like a crop
top for yoga like what we would wear to like do Pilates or yoga in and she was walking down the street in LA and she
her little story said it’s been five days in LA and I am now a person that wears athleisure in public
because it seems to be yeah everybody everybody went it’s not not just La it’s everywhere in
California here uh Northern California Yvette wears her I don’t know whether you call them yoga pants or whatever
they are every day wow every day out out to dinner out we
went out to dinner the other night to a nice restaurant and and she wore like yeah it’s pretty
much leggings no they are athletic leggings that’s
what I’m saying yoga pants or whatever they’re called they’re yeah uh Lululemon or athletica or I don’t know she’s got
different brands that fit different for her does it stay up but yeah because when she runs for dog agility but yeah
no yeah that’s what she wears almost every single day and and it’s acceptable
to wear them for dinner it’s acceptable to show up with a
t-shirt for dinner huh I mean some restaurant yeah it’s
very casual California is very diff if you showed up to dinner
maybe in the city there’s a few places and maybe in Palo Alto but for the most part no man people show up
in genes fans and a T-shirt and women could not
all women I mean I’ve there are fancy places where women will wear a dress I mean you bet when we go to the wedding
doesn’t wear yoga although it wouldn’t be it wouldn’t be someone wouldn’t
in I don’t think someone would it wouldn’t you wouldn’t say oh my God
someone wouldn’t freak out if someone did that because maybe they were yoga pants with nice shoes and a top and yeah
and it’s also the weather you have to remember the weather here every single day is pretty much you can
have your door open especially La is warmer in most places in LA and it’s just the super nice weather so you’re
not gonna you’re just gonna ruin your nice clothes in La it actually can get hot
meaning 90s so I actually remembered the equation so I could do this with us it’s
90 minus 32 that’s 58 times
5 9 so let’s just do a 58 divided by 2 so 30 is like 27 degrees false that’s
hot right yeah that is hot yeah so when you’re doing that are you going to wear a nice dress shirt or now you’re going
to sweat and you’re going to ruin your shirt so most people don’t in general
don’t do that if you but anyway yeah it’s super casual here let’s talk about if entrepreneurs are
born or what is it born or made or me what do you think
I have a weird um theory on this because
I can’t say one or the other this is my thought there are many skills that
entrepreneurs business owners need to have to be successful
um leading up to the thought of being an entrepreneur or a business owner
sometimes is like my situation where you just kind of do something and it ends up
being a successful thing occurrence
um but then there’s also you know it could be the right opportunity or or just right place right time so I think
leading up to being an entrepreneur business owner can
sometimes not be kind of your game plan like it wasn’t mine however
once that opportunity or once that occurrence is there there are many skills that you need to maintain that
successful idea Venture company business whatever it may be
um things like I don’t know um time management leadership skills communication skills
things like that there’s so many that you need to learn and practice and be good at so it’s not like you’re born
well some people maybe but you may not be born with exceptional leadership skills so those are things that you have
to learn I.E make for yourself um but then I also think that there are
so many people even people that work with me are they possess amazing leadership skills amazing time
management skills amazing creativity skills but they’re not interested in being
even a manager let a like we’ve approached them like listen we think you’d be a great manager would you like
to and they said no we just want to work our nine to five you know we don’t want any more responsibility so I think
it’s like a half and half because some people I feel maybe are
born with something in their brain that’s wired a little bit differently
that they that tells them they need to be an entrepreneur business
owner or maybe it’s a little some something in the brain that when things
get tough they automatically turn to a business owner slash entrepreneur so for example myself
I grew up wanting to be a lawyer I was going to work for a law firm that was my life that’s what I wanted to do I never
ever thought of being an entrepreneur I didn’t you know in grade five right on my thing when I grew up I want to be an
entrepreneur it’s not what I wanted to do but then when things got tough
instead of going oh screw it what am I gonna do just go on welfare and just sit
at home and cry because now I don’t have a job I use my creativity skills and became an
entrepreneur slash business owner so because there are a lot of people I’m going to be honest Brandon that when
things get tough you know say they lose their job um they just throw their hands up in the
air and they just sit and mope and not do anything about it put themselves in a worse situation where if they had that
entrepreneurial or business owner spirit in their mind maybe that’s what they’re born with or not
um then they could change what they’re doing and then maybe that would lead them into that life of business ownership or entrepreneurship
um so I don’t know I think I’ve tried I’ve thought about this since we said we were going to talk about it and I’ve tried to narrow down and I just don’t
think I can because some people they could have that like I know lots of quote-unquote entrepreneurs who have
idea after idea after idea after idea because you’re so creative and they have they want to be an entrepreneur but then
they don’t possess enough skills or dedicate enough time to develop themselves personally
to maintain a successful career as a business owner or entrepreneur
um so I don’t know I think like my theory is almost like a little bit of both like you maybe have to be born with a little bits of something in your mind
to give you that entrepreneurial push but then you also have to make yourself
like I’ve learned a lot being an entrepreneur things that I didn’t know before being an entrepreneur so
um yeah I can’t answer that completely yes or no or born or made but that’s that’s my thoughts towards it
so here’s the science there’s actually science behind it at some level
and the science there there’s not a ton of Science in this yet but it is being
investigated by researchers and as it turns out about there was a study in
London about 48 to 50 percent I’m sorry
37 to 48 percent of the tendency to be an entrepreneur is
genetic and this study was done
by some researchers in England at
King’s College the Department was the department of
twin research and genetic epidemiology at King’s College which I probably London which I’d probably just
butchered I would say that and they
did a real scientific study and basically 37 to 48 percent
is in your genes now the thing is that the study talked about it may not be
aging it may be a combination of genes that you
I don’t want to say have to have but if you do have give you that tendency the
other interesting thing is that along with an entrepreneur or being a business owner wanting to own
your and run your own business you could also say it’s self-employment and they
it turns out that self-employment income is inheritable so wanting to
you may not be a you may just be a solopreneur so anything where you want to have
self-employment is inheritable so they they distinguish between those two things the so that’s
the science they they said in the
there wasn’t a ton in the uh gosh what’s it literature review of a lot of other
studies but a lot there they have said that there is an interest in looking into this and entrepreneurship’s been
studied forever I mean people like Stanford schools like Stanford and these
other schools have Harvard and Yale the bigger schools that have the funds and the researchers
um money I guess really is had been looking at this as it relates
to characteristics more around what makes a business successful or not as it turns
out if you write a business plan you’re about I don’t have this study pulled up but I think it’s 37 percent more likely
to be successful versus not having a plan now that
doesn’t mean that you need to write a 50-page plan in fact I would encourage you don’t do that but have a plan in
place to guide you so there’s there’s actually science around it and then I’ll on the science side
there’s a book called David versus Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell that talks a lot about entrepreneurship
and people who have overcome things and somewhere the statistics say that
somewhere around 30 to 40 percent of entrepreneurs actually have dyslexia and
I fall I fall into that category and the reason they believe it may not be
because it’s genetic although it may be the genes in people with dyslexia
align with this other genetic study which would have to be looked at
but it what they initially believe is that because people with dyslexia have a
really hard time with things reading and spelling and and things like
that they learn to overcome not over compensate
but they learn how to overcome that with developing other skills which can
include creativity which they may already have but it brings out
uh Business Development skills people skills talking their way out of things
or into things or basically enhancing other skills so and this is if you think
of yours is it five senses is it five senses it’s smell here
touch touch see now I don’t know what the means your main
sense is if you don’t have one you’ll see people naturally be able to
do you think other ones become better than the average of what someone who has all of them and that may be happening so
there are some genetic as it appears indicators to this
I’ve always said that I didn’t think that you were born an entrepreneur or I
didn’t think that you could teach it and I never could explain it but I was talking to a lady this week who was in
the studio and she is a seven-time Emmy award-winning
show business person and she started her own production company after she left a career
on TV and I said I asked her this question because we were going to talk about it and I
said well what do you think do you think that that it you can teach this and she said
I think you can teach entrepreneurship but I think that taking risks is genetic and now we’re
really starting to break this down because can I teach you how to read a p l can I
teach you how to predict predict that predict Revenue can I teach you how to
figure out what your customer acquisition cost is your arpu all these things can I teach you how to Market or
different types of marketing that you could use yeah I could can teach you all of that
if you’re willing to learn leadership leadership’s another skill I think people make leadership
more complicated than it needs to be leadership is
setting an example for people and doing the right thing I mean it’s really no different
than than that so if you naturally do that and you do the right thing and you
live by a set of guiding principles then of course people
are going to follow you and they’re going to respect you so can you teach that I don’t know whether
you can teach that or not I don’t know that leadership is necessarily fundamental
to running a business people will say it is but some Founders don’t don’t have
any leadership really skills in that sense and they hire a CEO or they hire someone in that blind spot because
they’re so good at a product or designing a service so we’re so good at marketing or so good at building
software so I don’t know that that’s a requirement on that but taking risks and
dealing with the long-term risks ups and downs
to your point earlier where you have people who just say I don’t I don’t want to manage people I don’t want all of
that all of that for lack of a better word responsibility but it’s risk is really
what they’re they don’t want the risk of having to manage people that they may or
may not be able to control for lack of a better way to put it or lead so
it’s the risk part of and the endurance part of the emotional
journey of starting a business and running it and growing it it’s it’s just
a really really long grind it’s not just going to run a marathon in the day and
getting through the pain points or going to ride a century on your bike and just getting through the five times that you
want to quit it’s not that it’s that well it is that times
thousands of days yeah continually wearing on you yeah and that is the part
for me that I think all the basics and I think boiling it down is that the basics you can teach
the ability to withstand the emotional roller coaster
and and criticism that you get because you are getting criticism as an aunt as a
business owner entrepreneur all the time yeah and you take Danielle that’s not a good idea you’re never gonna why everybody cleans houses that’s a
commodity business I mean you’re going to take that day in and day out and can
you and if you want people to like you it will even be harder on you because
you’re not going to make them happy and you’re going to have to fight that the last thing I’ll say that you comment on
one of the things you said is a very big misnomer having a good idea does not make you an
entrepreneur in my mind everybody has ideas ideas are
a dime a dozen I am so tired of people telling me uh well I’m an entrepreneur because I
have an idea you’re not Jack like yeah my nephews had ideas since he could his
brain was able to work in that regard and he’s had some really good ideas
right here yeah execution is
everything you don’t actually need you you do need to solve problems but you don’t need the most amazing idea
respectfully cleaning houses is not a
earth-shattering idea nope the reason that you’re successful is because it’s a
decent idea with Incredible execution based on processes procedures customer
service and delivering that service in an exceptional way selling shoes is not
a great idea but Zappos made it incredible by doing customer service so
I’m using these examples to say you don’t rate the business on the idea
you rate the business on the ability to execute it turn it into a business and
make money until you do that and maybe that makes me a snob or you or
any of us actually entrepreneurs but hey come and prove it
man I want you to be successful I’m just saying you don’t get to walk around with the entrepreneur thing because you have
a good idea I got like 5 000 ideas on this whiteboard that I’m trying to figure out what to do next so right I agree all of that makes sense
um I actually while you were talking I pulled up an article here from Forbes um and this is from this year February
2nd 2022 and they had an article that says our successful entrepreneurs born or made and so they kind of went back
and forth on some things that entrepreneurs need and at the very end um they said in conclusion success in
any field of life is not due to inborn traits rather it is achieved through experiences knowledge and passion and
that is something that we have spoken about before the passion to be able to deal with the consequences and the risks
of being a business owner and entrepreneur um and so they continued to say the same
goes for business entrepreneurs are not marked from birth they are people who have made a series of good decisions in
their businesses and lives therefore entrepreneurs are not born they are made
I don’t just I disagree I I mean they didn’t even look at the science doesn’t sound like I mean the science there
there’s there’s got to be some trait yeah I think it’s around risk yeah
and the tolerance for pain not everybody can take I I would I would actually boil it down to that not everybody is good at
pain I’m good at tolerating pain I and I mean all sorts of pain from physical
pain to I mean I don’t say every day but in general I’m riding my bike every day
in pain from three ACLs and just wear and tear on a knee joint
that is going to cause some pain if you’re an entrepreneur you’re going to have to endure incredible amounts of
pain and and it’s just a fact not everybody genetically can endure pain I’m not saying that that you’re
opted out to be an entrepreneur but I think there’s some traits of which just
haven’t been isolated yet yeah that like Natural Born traits that you are born with
yeah that that contribute to being an entrepreneur isn’t aging it is tons of
skills that you have to have right to be able to do it but at the core the least common denominator I think is risk and
pain tolerance yeah and I mean that that could go from the beginning or sorry like once you are
an entrepreneur again successful entrepreneurs is a much different
thing than just being an entrepreneur um yeah you have to deal with pain and
risk and all of those things once you are quote unquote executed entrepreneur
or you know whatever your business is kind of going or your idea is going but
even back to my point Brandon about being able to become an entrepreneur
yeah we’re not born you know knowing that we’re going to be an entrepreneur but I think there is a trait on top of
your risk or you know the trace that you were just mentioning with the risk um the pain tolerance things like that I
think there is also a trait whether it is I don’t want to say creativity but it
may be a different kind of trait um if anybody who’s listening can let us know
if they are thinking about the same thing but it’s that trait to be able to
to execute something you know like again cleaning is not an idea that is not you know it’s
not a brand new idea however when covet first hit it was quite a scary time I
mean so many businesses got shut down however our business flourish like our company
we went crazy and honestly there were about three other
I I don’t want to say anything negative but three other business owners in the cleaning industry that came to us and
asked if they could work with us because we had an abundant amount of clients because their company or their business
shut down so why why did their business shut down and not ours
was it because they got told by the government that they couldn’t work so they just went oh screw it and then I’m going to work for someone else but I
continued so what what trait do I have where I persevered maybe that’s what it
is or I created something out of a tough time where
those other people didn’t well that’s a tough one because there’s
a lot of variables we don’t know what their pricing was we don’t know what their cash flow was we don’t know if
they raised money or borrowed money and were in debt no no and I don’t know
I know what you mean when I say yeah well you at you you asked you asked the question so I was trying to figure out
how we how we isolate the variables to
understand it maybe you’re just asking a rhetorical question in my uh dyslexia on Spectrum was actually trying to answer
the question but but but you do you understand what I’m saying though like there there seems to be something that a
lot of these actual entrepreneurs who have these successful companies have that where a lot of their stories have
come from like you know they come from you know this has happened I was you
know addicted to drugs on the street and I had this opportunity and I created this company like Steve Harvey he is an
amazing entrepreneur and I’ve listened to his story many times and he was in
the Bronx I think that’s what it is it’s like you know a very um underprivileged place and he was
growing up and he wanted to do comedy and he basically took this
um this show that he did for free I believe and and he just did it for like three or
four nights in a row and at one of the shows um there was just somebody there that was like that’s the man and he made them
all laugh and that’s what started his career so you know like he took that opportunity so I don’t know what that
trade is if if it’s you’re just not gonna say no to every opportunity
um creativity perseverance there is something there that starts all of these stories because like something like 90
of entrepreneurs all have a shitty beginning and they’ve turned it around
with with their traits that we’re unsure of um that have become these successful
entrepreneurs you’d very seldomly hear an entrepreneurial story that goes oh you know I I grew up and and I went to
all these fancy schools and my parents were billionaires and you know I just
decided to become an entrepreneur the stories never really like that
well I wonder that in the Steve Harvey case or even your
case or any of our cases that
an event triggers the genetics that you already have that
you didn’t realize yeah that’s a good theory
so you only you only discover them through these
places where you you say you had no choice where people will say in their story I had no choice
I can’t work for someone else I can’t I couldn’t do anything I didn’t know what to do so I just decided to do this the
question is did that bring out something that already exists and it’s very hard
to scientifically study it but it I think it all I think and look
somebody could have the trait and they just don’t get a life event that triggers them realizing that they
have that trait I mean how many times in life have you tried something that you haven’t tried
and you’re good at it and you think to yourself wow I didn’t realize I would be good at that or I didn’t think I’d be
good at that or and you’re actually good at it because it it triggered your ability to do something else
so what is that I mean acts of desperation will
bring out things in people that they never knew they had I mean that’s that’s
their stories about that in Every Which Way well and that’s my story I didn’t
think they were strongest yeah like there you go I mean so is it an act of desperation that
brings it out does it are you just against the wall and you have no choice
but no choice is a tough thing to talk about because everybody has choices you could say in
your story well I I didn’t want to work for anyone I didn’t think I was employable well you
just break that I didn’t think I was employable well what’s that mean because you everybody’s generally employable you
might have to check yourself or do something so my point is it’s really difficult but it
really goes back for me is I think talking about it and been thinking about it is you can teach
the actual mechanics and you you can absolutely teach the
mechanics at some level as long as someone can learn and which most people can or care
um I will comment on passion I don’t think passion I think passion and
motivation get over emphasized as
a thing to get you through passion wanes
motivation wanes if if you and I go to
to a Tony Robbins event we are going to be so
jacked up on self-improvement for probably the well the entire event
for sure and then I bet you it’s X it’s not linear it that if you graph this
You’re motivated if we look at a graph and we have motivation on the left and time along the bottom motivation is
going to go through the roof and then they’ll go down we’re going to stay at that motivation you know not only is it going to go down
but I think it’s going to crash and what happens is you cross a barrier of
in that case of behavior and passion wanes I mean passion isn’t
this it’s very hard to maintain any level of passion I mean take relationships yeah
your your passion for your partner over 20 plus years
it doesn’t mean you don’t love you love them more or less it’s I would say love is I don’t know if love is binary that’s
an interesting one but but
it changes and what really keeps people together
in some cases unless there’s just some crazy thing is the endurance
of risk and pain because you’re some some things are
tough and you got to be willing to endure and get through
disagreements arguments people change in life you know are you willing to to flow like
that and it’s the same thing with entrepreneurship in that in that you know passion is just not enough you’ll
be passionate you could be passionate about doing knitting and then actually fine finding suppliers getting
your online site set up taking the pictures right in the description integrating your email service getting a
CRM set up get your stripe account set up when you start to scale you’re going to need multiple Merchant Banks you’re
going to need insurance you’re going to incorporate you want me to keep going like passion is going to wane oh of
course and it’s it’s really that endurance and risk it’s not only the risk but I think
talking through this it’s endurance so yeah I think that you can’t teach that I can’t I can teach you this because they
teach it in the military they can teach you that you believe
that you are going to quit at the first wave of suffering yep and what they can
teach you is is that you’ll go through about three waves before you actually die
so they they’ll un they’ll unlock the discovery of what you can do they do this in the military all the time they
turn what appears to be an average man or woman into a warrior and they do it by
allowing them to discover what’s actually in them that they don’t know so
um that’s my rant not rant my theory maybe
I’m just talking it through out loud well I think I think the theory I think that
oh I was gonna say I I think we both bring like solid points
um it’d be very interesting if there is somebody listening who is maybe in the science field who maybe has done some
research on this or maybe a paper or something I’d love to hear about it because um there’s so many theories and thoughts
towards um towards this because there really is
no easy way to pinpoint it you know everybody’s story is different everybody’s life is different you know
if everybody lived in the same 100 years and the exact same events happening every single day maybe we could pinpoint
it but everybody has such different lives and different makeup in their brain and things like that so it’d be really interesting to hear if others do
have um theories or points to share in regards to this topic
I agree Sarah we agree that we’re just not going to come to an agreement I think so but I think it’s cool that
we’ve discussed it because there are anybody could really take a lot from this you know yes you need to have well
for anybody listening they’re probably already business owners or um aspiring entrepreneurs or very
successful entrepreneurs with that and you know it is a cool thing to think about because we all do share these cool
traits um but then there are traits that you have to constantly be developing and constantly be doing better
um and learning and and teaching yourself so I think it’s still very knowledgeable for anybody listening
yeah I agree yeah so I think the takeaway is there’s
probably some genetics of some traits what those traits are
we’ll have to see is your dog upset yeah Manny is uh crying right now he’s
being whiny yeah that’s genetic or has that learned
um I think that is a mixture of being a baby and the fact that I baby him and I
spoil him so when he doesn’t get his way he calls for Mommy so that’s a little bit of born and made
so he but he actually could you could bring out the trait that he actually has
Independence in him yes because if he was in the wild he
wouldn’t be this sucky or whiny and it would be natural traits so that’s like puppies are puppies are a great
example not all puppies are the same some people some people he’s have Drive they have some of them are laid back and
I think it would I think that there’s this narrative that everybody can be an entrepreneur and I don’t actually think
that’s true and I don’t think it’s bad and that’s no different than saying everybody can be a basketball player
right in the NBA like no no not everybody can be in it and be not
everybody can be a soccer player not everybody can be a tennis player not everybody can be a golf player can you
do okay sure but some some people can’t swim well some people can’t surf well
some people don’t ride bikes well some people don’t aren’t Runners some people
it it’s not bad I think for a while here we went through a phase where everybody
can be everything Danielle everybody can be everything and everybody deserves to be everything and you’re entitled to be
that you’re not and sorry we’re all different and it’s not bad it’s okay
that’s what makes people and and societies interesting is that you can actually talk to people who are good at
something else that you may not be and may not be able to be and that’s okay because
yeah here talking this through isn’t it interesting that people will
talk about athletes and say well they just have what do they call it like natural
ability right and and people say that all the time about athletes well they’re they’re
naturally gifted they naturally they they naturally have this skill that
allows them to be a great tennis player or a golfer or whatever but then when we
talk about entrepreneurship it’s all no everybody’s entitled to do everybody can do that no no everybody cannot do it and
it’s not bad it’s not bad it’s not evil it’s just life and if you don’t
have that trait to be an entrepreneur it doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of a startup company or any company you can
still go join a company and fill a gap that someone else who may have founded
that company may not have and still have an entrepreneurial experience yeah but
you know that no different than you could go be a trainer for a professional athlete and you could be a part of that
experience by doing that or being a coach or an assistant coach or a manager
or in the business office and you can still be a part of that experience and it’s not bad it’s just different and
I think this idea that that different is the problem
is a problem I agree I agree I mean I’m not going to get upset because I go to
try out for the NBA and they go Danielle you’re five foot tall good luck you know
like you know there’s traits that I was not born with that are not going to help me in the NBA
um so yeah I think everybody has their has their thing everybody has their Niche and it’s not a bad thing if you’re
not an entrepreneur there’s so many people that are like oh I want to be I want to be I want to be but they never actually do it
I just don’t think that maybe it’s you know it’s part of your genetic makeup or
whatever we’re discussing um but you can still be very successful at anything you want to do you know it’s
it’s crazy and this actually I think we talked about this a while ago um about people and and
being entitled to feel like they should be able to do everything and anything you know everybody needs to get rid of
that I think it’s I think it’s almost depressing you know it’s not good for people to think that they are able to do
everything because you’re gonna be let down every single day if you feel like you can do everything because it’s
physically impossible mentally impossible you cannot be good at everything so choose
what you’re good at and do well at it yeah you’re gonna have you’re going to
have traits that make you better at some things you might be a better swimmer than you are a runner that’s not bad
that’s just the way we get dealt the
cards it doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome things I don’t think we’re saying that at all but when you said
five foot Spud Webb played in the NBA and I think he actually was five one two three or four or something small and and
he was an incredible basketball player Not only was he incredible he could dunk it that high but those are the
exceptions but they’re not the exceptions they’re just the outliers it’s just not everybody’s going to do
that it doesn’t mean that nobody can do it there’s always the exception and there’s no reason why you can’t be the
exception I’m not saying that I’m just saying in general
you just might not have the trait just no different than I might not have a trait to be a chef or a singer I love to be a
singer I think singing school can you imagine singing for a living and making tons of money but it’s just not a a gene
skill trait whatever that I got so not good or bad but I’m not entitled to
be a singer because I want to be a singer yeah yeah
I completely agree 100 I think we’ve kind of come up with a different
Theory here or some other little thoughts um but I still think we are
agreeing to disagree or agreeing to agree that there is no right or wrong
answer when it comes to born or made I think it’s um a little bit of both I think maybe
well I think if if somebody’s listening and they want to build a business and they’re even worrying about it
just go try it and do it and see how it works out for you yeah and and try it
there’s no harm in trying there’s there’s none of that and the truth is
you you can you the saying is and parents will teach you can do anything you put your mind to
Danielle which it which is true but there are certain things that you just not gonna be able to to do and that’s
okay it’s not bad it’s it’s just the way life life happens it’s not and it’s not
about being fair not fair I don’t think I don’t think that is I just think it’s
what we are is Manny near you yes is he all right now he’s fine he was
just being a baby so there we have it I don’t know if
you’re made or born I do think there’s genetic traits and I think the other thing is try it sometimes you may have
it and you don’t even realize you have it but you’re gonna have to take a risk and you’re going to have to be able to
endure pain I I wish that wasn’t true I wish everyone doesn’t experience pain
and just builds their business and it’s as easy as pie but there’s so many variables and so many things that you
have to do on a regular basis from academic things like math
and and selling a product to human interaction and where you work with
other people and most startups fail sometimes most I don’t know the exact stats but in the top three I think is
Founders don’t agree it’s not because you don’t have a good idea it’s not because the product doesn’t solve our problems because Founders don’t agree so
yeah yeah that was good discussion I agree that was fun I enjoyed that uh a
lot and everybody yeah you should take the risks to try it um just like Brandon says I think that
there’s so many great ideas out there that are not executed so if you have a great idea try it and maybe you’ll be
the next we’ll end on that have a great week you
too thanks everyone