In this episode, Danielle and Brandon, offer you 7 tips on how to 10x your brand.

You’ll leave with actionable steps you can start putting into action to propel your brand forward!


Welcome back to the on business podcast with tons of experience in different
Industries in Canada and the United States Danielle and Brandon give you real talk no-nonsense expert advice
about running and owning successful companies here’s your host Danielle Jenkins and Brandon White
trust well because you can you realize that you can live out of you have all
this stuff in your house but you’re actually surviving fine you might not like it as much but you’re
actually surviving completely fine you’re living every day you have closed aware and I don’t know for me it was
always when we go in our RV I always ask myself like what in God’s name do we need all that stuff in the house for
I I completely understand where you’re coming from but I don’t like coming into my office and not seeing my nice things
on the walls and I feel like everything is just even more cluttered because
everything’s just in its weird places and in boxes and I’m wearing a red shirt
when have you ever seen me wear a red shirt I just pulled this out of a box to throw on for this podcast
I said that one before we got on I said why you have a red shirt on Danielle always wears black uh it looks like you
have a black strap on your bra so maybe that yeah maybe maybe that counts but I do have a
few pieces of news before we get started on talking about branding and our tips on branding which is one where only one
week launched into on business and we’re already broken into the top 30 in
business which is pretty exciting and a lot of that is because of your promotion so thanks for doing that hard
work thanks Brandon and that actually ties into our topic today with with branding
well I have one other thing before we get into building okay so I discovered and I’m still sweating because of it
which is going to sound crazy to listeners and you but I’ve found a way
to relieve an enormous amount of tension in your body which then
releases stress like crazy and it’s not just about stress even if you’re not
stressed it’s gonna relax you and it is
taking your foot for about four or five minutes and rubbing it across a tennis
ball and you work the tennis ball in the
front middle and back on your heel and it literally
relieves tension all the way up your back I was just doing it before we came I’ve
been doing it the last few nights and I did it before we jumped on here
and it was like I started to sweat because and you’re not doing anything you’re just rubbing your foot along that
tennis ball and my back cracked which last night I couldn’t crack it as well as I don’t I
rode 35 miles yesterday so that’s my tip all you have to do is have a tennis ball I will say this because I know listeners
have dogs do not give your dogs do not give your dogs tennis balls and the reason is
believe it or not it wears down their teeth and it’s a big big deal that people
don’t realize you see all these people throwing tennis balls for their dogs and it’s terrible for them because the dirt
gets into the tennis ball and it grinds on their teeth and you’ll see them always bite that so I’m just warning
everybody better off if that’s an issue and you think your dog’s gonna get it then get a lacrosse ball or some hard
rubber ball but yeah it has made a world of difference I’m actually shocked right
now sitting here it’s not for listeners who don’t know I live in Half Moon Bay it is no if it’s 69 degrees Fahrenheit
which I forget what that is Celsius not a lot then that’s hot and
uh it is cool here this morning and I’m still sweating so get yourself a tennis ball or rubber ball just do that before
you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning and it’s really incredible I actually didn’t believe it when I read
it but um it’s a good tip that’s a that’s a hobby I’m gonna try it
yeah you should try you need it right now the I do so let’s talk about branding and three
tips that each of us have for Brandon why it’s so important which I think
I think people don’t everybody talks about it
they like the topic but they actually don’t do the hard work I’ll say to do it right and
when you do it right at work so you go first today sure yeah so um this is a great topic and just like
you said everybody talks about it but nobody really hones in on
I guess the importance of it would be the best or everybody knows why they should brand
but I don’t I don’t really know the best way to explain it but I was thinking about everything that we’ve done over
the last six plus years uh with the company and everything that I’ve done
personally and within the company to grow to where we are today for Branding because one thing that we are very well
known for is our branding and I was thinking about everything and I probably have about 50 tips and we can talk about
this on another one but I really wanted to hone in on the top three and my number one is keep it consistent
Um this can go so far so deep but the
reason keeping it consistent is so important for example I have friends who
are real estate agents and in the last year one of them have rebranded like three or
four times different people on their team different colors different name of the team because they thought it sounded
better and they’re a great real estate agent but anybody who doesn’t know them personally
seeing that change all the time it looks unprofessional and it looks like you don’t know what you’re doing
um just as an outsider looking in and or it sounds it looks like you’re maybe skipping brokerages or changing just it
doesn’t look professional in my opinion and many other people have said the same obviously if there’s something major a
legal battle um you know you’ve been bought out of your company something like that obviously you’re going to have to
Rebrand but you want to keep your branding consistent and another point that I have with that is for example our
company is domestic Divas cleaning Co our colors are pink and white and black
um very feminine very chic that is what I started with when it was
just four or five of us women cleaning homes you know if this was five six
years ago did I ever think we were going to be a multi-million dollar company with men in the commercial industry as
well um or sorry the commercial sector as well no I didn’t think any of that so as
our company started growing people would tag us on Instagram just because they see something that says
Diva on it or just because it has something that is sparkly because our company
um products and services is all about Sparkle you know the sparkle satisfaction guarantee that we guarantee
our clients all of these things that we do everybody knows that that’s our company so when we
started hiring men and when we started going into the commercial sector I would
think to myself yes we have a great reputation and a great brand and a great name in the residential space
do I think it’s professional to have domestic Divas cleaning Co
in the commercial sector and are men going to want to join our company with a name like that so it was a battle for a
long time and I was actually going to change it I was going to create another company like Jenkins cleaning group or
whatever I thought of just so it was just kind of neutral across the board for any kind of cleaning any kind of
sector any kind of gender the amount of people that I spoke to close friends of mine and even clients
who I’ve built a strong relationship with they all said not to change it and I am so thankful that I didn’t because
now we have you know eight plus men that work for us who love it they don’t care what the name is they know we have a
strong reputation they’re proud to work for the company because we have a strong reputation and they think cute they they
work for domestic Divas cleaning code not one has ever changed um or said anything not one has ever
been like oh I’m not working there because of the name again it’s what we’ve built because of our branding so
it’s really really important to keep it consistent um even though there could be a few
little things that you’d be worried about I’m so glad I kept it and didn’t change it based on those little things
obviously you can be better prepared and think long term for your company growth
on the fact that you may have different genders may have different sectors I obviously wasn’t that was a mistake way
back but I really don’t even consider it a mistake because now we have this great brand that everybody knows has male and
female staff members in commercial and residential sectors and nobody bats and
I at the the name or the colors even our office it’s you know white and black and pink and everybody loves it we have our
meetings there and people think it’s great because everything’s consistent and I I can go into that even probably
more I know we want to kind of bang out these tips for everybody but even down to your color scheme
um you know you and we talk about this all the time our brand boards and stuff even for the podcast we want to ensure
that everything that you send to your clients is the same colors the same font the same logo
um the same slogan all of those things that seem so minor people remember people know our colors are pink black
and white and our logo is this we have one version of our logo and it doesn’t change so it’s very important for all of
those things to be consistent um I’ll go into my next one now
um number two with being consistent pushing your logo and your brand
everywhere is so important as well when I say this and we laughed about this a
couple weeks ago when we were talking about putting our logo on all of those quirky little things for marketing
um I’m not saying that I’m saying push it everywhere for example when you’re
sending an invoice to a client make sure you have your logo and your colors
um when you are at an event wear a shirt that has the same logo and colors again
it’s being consistent but pushing it everywhere having it on your uniform is very important having it on your
vehicles is important if you have a fleet um you’re invoicing even down to our
client Communications um has our logo has our you know we call
all of our staff Divas we again have that sparkle satisfaction guarantee thing we’re pushing it in every any
possible Avenue we possibly can so people basically here Diva Sparkle paint
cleaning those are the four kind of words that associate with our brand because we push it everywhere obviously
if there’s going to be an event and again if anybody heard our last episode in regards to I think we were talking
about um putting our logo on all of those things at golf tournaments and things make sure that you’re doing it in a way
that people aren’t just going to toss those things so don’t waste your time on again those silly coffee mugs or those
notebooks that have the logos on it but do something that you can still have it on everything and anywhere that people
are actually going to use I think I use the example that we did cupcakes one time our logo was on the box people took
pictures of them so again it’s everywhere try to get your logo on and your brand on everything and anything
and keeping it consistent so those kind of tie in together um my third one
very important and this is again something that I have learned over time and I’m sure everybody does
make sure your branding though doesn’t have to be expensive looks expensive
when I say that um again keeping it consistent and keeping it everywhere again these all
tie in together but if you cannot afford to wrap every
single one of your company vehicles in a nice logo wrap in every one of your
fleets do not duct tape a business card to your back window do not put a fridge magnet on
your door and I’m not being harsh when I say this but it looks cheap and it looks tacky
people will then associate you with oh you can’t your company cannot afford maybe to do something better and though
you may not be able to because we’re all business owners and I can’t I’m not going to wrap every single one of my vehicles it doesn’t make sense to me
um but I also don’t put our logo on a fridge magnet and put it on the car doors I think that a lot of people
perceive that as very cheap and kind of lazy so there’s little things that though you may want to put your logo on
everything you do have to think is it worth it for what the what people
may perceive me as again we’re a luxury commercial and residential cleaning company so for us to do things that look
cheap and very inexpensive and quote unquote tacky it’s not going to help our
reputation that we have um you know even down to uniform shirts
if you you know yes having your brand on everything don’t have mixed matched
shirts that you have just put a sticker on it with your logo spend a little bit more money doesn’t have to be expensive
our shirts are only about 18 a piece we get them done in bulk and they all look
the same they’re all black um really nice Under Armor material with our logo on the chest every single one
wears them women wear v-necks guys wear crewnecks again we keep it consistent our logo is there but it doesn’t look
cheap so really just think of elevating those things when I say make it look
expensive it doesn’t have to be expensive but make it look better than just like you just stuck it together
because people are going to perceive that right away and know it may be wrong because you’re trying and you’re
hustling and you’re trying to grow your company judgment unfortunately is something that our world has and first
impressions really count and people are going to look at that and go uh you know are they really who they they say they
are because they have a fridge magnet stuck to their car door promoting their company or a sticky note instead of a
business card things like that so those are really basic tips for anybody just starting out but even people who have
their current brand and have been doing it for five six years like myself I still think of all these things on a
regular basis like how can we incorporate our logo in a professional sophisticated way that doesn’t look
tacky or cheap and I think of all three tips when I am doing any kind of
branding so again keeping it consistent having it everywhere and keeping it professional classy and not trashy
I think that was excellent is that a slogan keep the classy not trashy
[Laughter] the I I was thinking about the magnets
and I sort of they never really thought it that way but I’ll I was actually thinking about
putting a magnet on my car so that people could know about the podcast but it won’t
stick to the Tesla but I guess for people who are just
starting do you think that driving awareness like what so let’s
just rewind here how long you when did you start four years ago five years ago yeah it’ll be six years now six years
ago so let’s just rewind six years ago when you were putting you printed your first pamphlets to
advertise domestic Divas when you’re starting out don’t do you think that you can get away with doing
that like would you have put I’m guessing you would have put magnets on your car back then because you
advertised with a paper flyer a great Point yes I would have because I
did the paper Flyers but now I think to myself I would never do paper Flyers now so
starting out well not now not now though but I’m just for those listening if there’s people who’s listening who are
just starting it can’t be unworkable because that they’re in a catch-22 I mean I I’m back
we’re back to zero with the software company that we’re building it we don’t have all that money so
would you do that and I think I would say you can do that but as you build
your brand and you get to a point where you want to be if that matches your brand that’s fine because there’s a
trade-off between if nobody knows you it just won’t matter but I don’t disagree with you you could
you can do stickers on the window as well which can not be a wrap but they can do stickers on the window much like
buses where you can see it on the outside but you can still see from the inside I just wanted to
bring that up because I don’t want listeners who are just in their early stages that think well this is just
unworkable and not doable because I think the trade-off
can be good and those magnets I’m sticking to magnets because I want one of those magnets in the car because I
was driving back and forth on Route 5 between LA and here a lot and there’s so many people that what’s the trade-off so
I I think that your point is well made as you evolve your brand and you do get
money you’re gonna need to be strict is the takeaway and it’s you can
make compromises so uh that was the only thing but I think mine are going to overlap a little with
yours but maybe not completely so number one which is basically what
you said with number one but I’m gonna go add a few things which is your brand brief not only do you have to know your
colors but you actually have to build a brand guide or brand brief and almost no
one that I know in the SMB if I say give me your brand brief or your brand guide in general I would say
that maybe half have it maybe it and when I say that Danielle I mean
send me the PDF right now of the brand board yeah of the brand board and most people
can’t do that they’ll say my color is this or my color is that so I’m encouraging everyone here and I I’ve
been meaning to do this for people and try to put this on the list so that we can have a download for listeners at
some point but I’m looking at our brand board for
the uh Edge podcast which wasn’t called that which I’ll talk about in a second
and it has everything here it has the exact versions of the logo that can
appear no other versions can appear and when you do that you’ve got to make a
white background you need to make a dark background you need to think about for your brand where it’s going to appear
I’m going to say this quickly as it relates to your logo you need to think about
how that can be embroidered and my brother and I made a mistake with
a clothing company we had we didn’t make a mistake we actually got advice from a really smart person Brian Legette who
started a company called 180s a long time ago in Baltimore which Baltimore Maryland which was the one piece ear
muff and Brian is just incredible at Brand and he said we have a striped bass
and he’s like you’ll never embroider that right and we’re like what he’s like think about that on clothing which you do need
to think about what it’s going to look like on clothing you really need outlines because outlines are easier to
embroider and they’re also easier if you’re going to put an ad somewhere if you have five colors in your ad you’re
going to pay more and there’s all these bleed things so something to think about there the other thing in here is colors
and when I say colors I mean the hex codes so that you know exactly what hex
code we have four colors uh and two for advertising literally and those are the only cards
and they need to be complementary you did this for our podcast here on business and they you can’t you can’t
deviate for those there’s no compromise and that’ll make you look really good and then I’ll just go and it tells you
what fonts we use people make mistakes with this all the time they say oh well I’ll use this font here and that font no
you specify what font you will use all the way down to what font you will use
in letters to customers or on your website fonts matter people don’t realize that it was a difference for me
between a very successful redesign on the site I did once and a terrible one and I didn’t change anything other than
the font and it went from we hate the new design which was an enormously different
we did a facelift and a new interface and then I changed the font everybody
liked it all of a sudden so don’t underestimate the power of fonts and then even rules in the verbiage so Do’s
you can have a casual tone Layman voice that’s that’s that brand don’ts no
absolutes like you will or uh things like that mainly because in that brand there we sometimes make
claims and if you make claims you better be able to back up claims I would say that with any brand and then
uh images that express our vision so we even have images that can be used in an
image library and I know this can sound daunting to people listening but this will make you even in your early stages
like you said Danielle look professional when and look bigger than you actually
are and it just adds up so and then we have all the links and only these links
are allowed to be used some of them will say well we stood up this this page well if it doesn’t make it to
your brand guide you don’t put it there because it needs to go through those wickets so building a brand guide is an
actual piece of paper and it takes it actually takes a while that’s my first one build a brand I
don’t mean to interrupt Brandon sorry what we can do um for anybody listening we can always put maybe like a an
example of yours and my company’s brand briefs so like and put them on our
website so people can see them for their own that’s a good idea yeah and I I think I
can get a template made of this well maybe this week and we’ll we’ll put it for those listening at some point we
will get this so that not only do you see examples but you also could download a template to at least fill an end so
that you know uh you don’t have to actually design the brand brief which is the whole thing
into itself number two is you absolutely have to have your LP
Vader pitch down good one there’s no no compromise elevator pitch takes a long time you
will not get it right in the beginning it takes rework and rework and rework and rework but it is the difference
between being concise and having people
understand you it’s the radio oh that’s I’m going to talk about the radio test in a second but
basically you got to be able to say an elevator pitch people say well it’s a Time the elevator it’s a minute it’s really not it’s really like 15 seconds
uh file finder is an example software company we’re building we help you find files that you know you have in your
email but you can’t find faster it’s that simple
do you know yours off top of your head we will clean your house so you don’t have to
go so but but this is I’m not picking on you but that’s an example of you have a very successful company multi-million
dollar company and the elevator pitch still isn’t there and that’s not uncommon but if you can have that
elevator pitch which Builds on to my third main tip
everybody in your company should be able to explain and Pitch your
company and if you have a brand brief and your elevator pitch you can everyone in your company can do
this there was a gentleman and before we jumped on here I can’t remember I had
got to know know him back in the days I think when I was in DC and he built one
of the largest resume sites like monster it wasn’t monster I want to say it started with r but I can’t
can’t remember but it was a big one it’ll come to me uh hot something maybe but
his point that he made and he emphasized and he spent a long time on him first I was
like man like you’re spending a lot of time on this but it made all the difference it also he also sold his company for a few
hundred million was because anyone in the office could answer the phone
and talk about their company and give the pitch and in I’m I’m using file finder as an
example because we have Engineers it our company is really nothing other than engineers
and me who’s like a half engineer at best so so but the point is is that
you can take technical people who aren’t good at quote unquote pitching or sales
of marketing or customer facing and with your elevator pitch
they can give it they look smart not that they’re not smart they look smart as it relates to the company being
well-rounded so the elevator pitch and I do have a template which by the time we
I’ll see if I can get also and I’ll put it we’ll put all this for people listening in the show notes or the
description on show notes on podcast description on
YouTube and so that people can have it but you you absolutely have to have your
elevator pitch down it takes a lot of work to make something that simple and
short I’ll tell you the one that I gave just a second ago took
probably two and a half years and I know you’re like well how are you going to do that when you get your company well you’re gonna you’re gonna
do one you’re gonna use ones that aren’t quite as good as what’s gonna happen but you’re eventually going to get one
if you work hard at it and once you have that elevator pitch man everybody in your company you just made a sales and
Market or marketing and probably a marketing person sales I don’t know if they could close it but they can at
least talk about it and the other thing uh one last thing I want to comment on what you said around changing your name
so I’ve been in situations where we’ve changed our name and I will attest that changing your name is
extremely hard however there’s a trick that gaming
companies use gaming companies meaning companies that build video games and phones on games on your phone and things
like that and here’s what they do they name the game something
and they released the game let’s say they’re trying to release the game in the United States and Canada
North America they will go to Australia and release the game under a different
name and they will get all the feedback work out all the Kinks and then they
will quote unquote re-release it in North America fixed
that’s cool in the beginning stages of your company if you’re just trying to just trying to
get started it’s better to get started with something that’s crap than not to start at all and the edge podcast which
was where you and I originally met and really came from because we sponted out this podcast into that it wasn’t called
that it was first called build a business with Brandon literally because I just wanted to get started in
fact I think that podcast still exists I left it up and we killed it After Eight
Episodes but or nine episodes and the reason is I just wanted to get started and try to figure out what I was going
to do back in podcasting then it started then it became build a business success Secrets which
was way too long but I had had an idea better than the first idea I thought
and then it eventually became Edge and it became Edge because this is the radio test which is a bonus tip for me if
people can’t know how to spell your name
or find you from listening to a radio spot or a pitch on a pod uh you know insert ad
on a podcast these days then you need to rethink your name because
it’s too hard Edge is easy to spell on business it sounds generic but anybody that hears
us when we’re like oh what podcast are you and Danielle on we’re on business oh okay they can Google own business
Danielle Jenkins or Danielle and Brandon on business they can Google that and find us there’s no
well we found business with only one s and you know or or something crazy and I
know that it’s hard for someone listening like oh well Brandon that’s easy to say there’s no names left I get
it but you got to figure that out so that people can find you easily those are my
three tips Brandon um that one about the name
um and easy to hear on the radio there’s a company up here in Canada in Toronto called the forest
um don’t even know what they do but it drives me nuts every time I hear this on the radio when I’m driving and I hear it
so they they do their thing they talk about their company and they go find Us online at they have to
spell out their email or their website on the radio and he goes so that’s www
dot the number four the forest and every and
like they’re a big company but I honestly when I think of the forest I would think
and they have done it in such a way and I mean maybe it’s good and like reverse psychology because here I am talking
about it and I can remember it but I just think that anybody who just listens to that they’re not going to remember
that or remember how to spell it unless they’re in their car and hear it all the time so that’s just something
um to remember also because yeah it’s so true like if I hear that company again I don’t even know what that company does
but I hear that stupid name and I think oh my God how stupid is it to have that where nobody knows how to spell it
unless you tell them how to spell it on air well the other trick I will say this
because some because I think you and I understand it is really hard to find names these days so the other work
around and when so we just launched on business and I don’t know if I don’t know if you
and I were talking I felt like somebody oh uh talking to another friend and I was like
hey search your thing and subscribe you’re not going to be able to get it on the
other show you’re going to have to come to on business now and we’re going to release on Tuesdays and
so that you can subscribe and they couldn’t get on business and it’s not
because it’s not because we’re not going to be able to be found it’s because when you’re so new those algorithms aren’t picking up what our name so I was like
just just search on business Danielle or
on business Brandon or Danielle and Brandon and it comes up so my point is if you do have a wacky spelling
don’t try to spell it I just figure out just say Google the is
it florist like the flower florist I don’t you know what I’m gonna look them up right now because whatever whatever
it is I’d say Google florist Orangeville Canada
and and then someone can easily remember that because people really do use Google
so if you have a wacky name there’s there are workarounds but try to have a name that’s easy to pronounce and the
other you know if you do have a crazy spelling or something it could be hard to even Google it because I don’t know
about you Danielle but most of the time even for me who’s a tech nerd I’m not typing the URL
into the browser I’m using Google I’d be like domestic Divas cleaning company
Canada and and and I put that in Google and you just need to make sure your site
is optimized seo’d which whole nother podcast to make sure that you actually do come up with that search but I think
you can press that the other thing and I don’t want to go off on on a
whole Fork which is probably another podcast is
that oh I forgot my my train of thought well you’ll have to tune in to another
episode but that the uh the it’s going to say something about the SEO while you’re looking that up
it’s you’ve uh what am I gonna say well
anyway for for Google my business you need to make sure that your business is
in Google my business because you’ll get a ton of traffic from that and when my other
thought comes along I’ll let you know what’d you find so it’s actually a cannabis store
Toronto what Hannah cannabis like marijuana when I listen to the radio you hear the
name the Forest right so you can either write it in the forest is like a forest with trees which is f-o-r-e-s-t
obviously nothing comes up even when I type in f-o-r-i-s-t
nothing comes up for it so literally for this company and on the web or on the
radio I would have never known what it was so I typed it in as they say on there the number four SSS the letter T
then it comes up that says the 4S and that’s literally their name for anybody watching you can see that that’s
literally what comes up and they’re a cannabis store in Oxbridge Ontario
so to me well why didn’t they say that they were a cannabis store in the ad
they may have but I didn’t hear it or like I don’t pay attention to it this is
just a case study it’s a major problem yeah like you you gotta when you when
you pick your name and your name really having a long name I will tell you is is just not worth you got to come up with a
short name and but there’s a prime example where
I mean I I I I filled in for us while you’re talking and I’m looking at the timer for like two minutes
listeners are probably tired of me talking the the but I’m you lit is an
average consumer going to spend that much time no I’ll tell you what they’re going to do
they’re going to get frustrated and now your brand is associated with frustration
so I didn’t even can you advertise cannabis on Canon oh my God yeah no
Canada or weeds completely legal here the whole country the whole country you
can smoke marijuana Wherever Whenever well California is legal but it’s a state issue right now here in the States
but uh United States but anyway I think going back to branding pick a name
that’s decent I I will tell you from a guy who’s changed his name try to get
your name right but it’s not the end of the world in the beginning but once you’re down the road the oh the other
thing we use convertkit and we use it for on business as we’re building our email list
and convertkit is and I’ll put the link for anybody listening who wants an incredible
Creator email program I’ve tried them all but
they tried to change their name turns out they changed their name and I forget what they were trying to change their name to and it meant something in a
different language that wasn’t good so you also have to think about that
because if it means something not favorable then you could wind up with a
bad situation but I don’t know Danielle probably naming your company is a whole different
is a whole different topic in the podcast I mean your name is rather long and interesting enough I find myself
sometimes wanting to abbreviate it when I’m putting our shows up
so I’ll say domestic Divas cleaning or domestic I find myself saying domestic
Divas I’m like no gotta put domestic Divas cleaning code so that people can find it it’s not that you can’t live
with that because clearly you have and having a name that describes what you do is also a good thing because you didn’t
even know what that thing did right I mean so you know you
do have to have a slogan I don’t know I’ve struggled with this for many years um at least try to make it somewhat
close to to being not difficult for your clients like and to add to your point about our name
um when I first started it was just domestic divas and I thought just to
your point nobody knows what the flip that is so then I created domestic Divas cleaning call however a lot of people
will you know email us hey domestic Divas because they know what we do now all of our branding and our logo and
everything has domestic Divas clean and Co in it however people will abbreviate there was a
problem a few years ago where somebody in town started their own one-man show
cleaning business or cleaning thing using domestic the domestic diva
it became a problem because obviously they’re now riding on the reputation of our company but they weren’t domestic
Divas clean and go they were just domestic Diva so you know we had to obviously write a letter and say you know you need to change your name and
things like that because everybody Associates that with us
um so we really are strict about the fact that we are domestic Divas cleaning Co any kind of sponsorships any kind of
events anything that we do with the public we always enforce that it’s domestic Divas clean and coat don’t just
call us domestic divas don’t just call us domestic Divas cleaning it’s domestic Divas clean and call and I’m very very
strict about that well I think that goes back to the brand brief you basically in the brand brief
have exactly what can appear exactly what you can be
called exact slogans and I
you know I’m as guilty as anybody until I really understood how powerful
the brand brief is there was a lot of companies that I tried that I didn’t
have it and I’m not saying that that’s the reason they failed the reason that they failed was because those ideas just
weren’t good they sucked or or the idea was good but it couldn’t make money and a lot of the ideas that I’ve had I’ve
tried is true they they’re good ideas just people won’t pay money for them so
um depending on what your definition of a good idea that’s actually a bad eye turned into a bad idea and a bad
investment but the I it’s just a really powerful thing and
brand just the colors and the fonts showing up in all the same places all
the time people people won’t be able to describe why they feel that about your
brand but it’s those types of attention to detail that makes the difference and you
can’t compromise and I can’t tell you how many times like oh I don’t want that color I want
this color but it’s not in the brand brief and I keep this brand I call it brand brief or brand guide I keep this
thing open on my desktop one at all times I just when you were talking earlier I
pulled it over from another screen and it’s here and I usually keep the color
thing because I know the font the fonts for us are latte the other thing is when you pick a font you need to make sure that the fonts are
available on the web because if they’re a Google font and you
might say what like I do I’m like I don’t really like all those phones I I want an Apple font
well Apple fonts aren’t aren’t all available across the web Google fonts are open
sourced and available everywhere so they show up in the browser so you better figure out
a font because if the font shows up as New Times Roman and your font is Lotto
or some I don’t know I’m trying to think of one that’s Proxima Nova I think is
one that’s not everywhere and all of a sudden it shows up as time to roam and it just feels different so
bran makes people feel a certain way and that’s what you’re trying to do so
you’re building that trust at the end of the day and that’s what it comes down to right that your brand is professional professional they can trust you and
you’re not flimsy and floppy yeah and like like I said yeah I just
these things make a big difference so in summary what were your three tips uh keep it consistent
put it everywhere but keep it looking not cheap or tacky
make it look better or more expensive than it is
and mine were build your brand guide or brand brief get your elevator pitched
down and make sure that everybody in your company knows your elevator pitch and can answer
those questions did we leave anything out today always things we can go on about um that
is very helpful for anybody starting or anybody currently aren’t like branding and anybody can
feel free to reach out to us through our email if they have any questions
um but those I think are are very important ones for anybody again even starting out or in their Journey
um to remember I think that’s very important and if you’re feeling like just changing a color today think of
these tips because it definitely will be detrimental to your brand totally agree all right well folks uh
Danielle have a good rest of your week this comes out on Tuesday for listeners
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