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Danielle & Brandon are the friends, business partners, & mentors you’ve always wanted! A successful millennial woman entrepreneur & CEO of a company in the service sector based out of  Canada, who loves her french bulldogs and a glass of chianti while cooking; has discussions & gives advice with a Gen X male business owner & CEO of a software company out of California, who rides his bike throughout California on a weekly basis, and loves a good burger from his local restaurants.

On Business Podcast is an unscripted, brutally honest, candid, sometimes ugly, conversation about running businesses & successful companies, for aspiring entrepreneurs, current startups, or experienced business owners looking to elevate their business. They talk about what’s working, what’s not, failures, lessons, successes; give you tips, discuss software & systems they use, sales & marketing, their own challenges & solutions they’ve discovered as business owners, and much more.

You’ll hear controversial topics about business trends and current events, interviews with other business owners, and live mentorship with our students on the show.

You’ll come away from each episode with a lesson learned, sometimes a good laugh, and insight to something you didn’t think about before to implement into your business.

We can’t wait for you to listen!

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